Saturday, October 8, 2011

Here it goes...

Welcome to Split pea for me; I hope it turns out to be something for you too. Split Pea Traveler is a name that came to me, like so many things, in a cardboard box from Amazon. A few weeks before the Amazon box though, I paid more money than I had for anything in years and bought a MacBook Pro. The joy my mac brought to me every time I opened it was a joy that called for protection. You know what I'm talking about. This thing, the finest piece of machinery I owned, demanded a case. And not a clear case either because when is joy clear? Remember a campfire on a misty fall morning, an Orca cutting through the blue water as she travels north to feed, or a rainbow crossing the sky daring you to pickpocket it for gold. Don't we think in color? Dream in color? No, a clear case clearly wasn't worthy.

Hello In 2007, the choices for cases were much more limited, so it didn't take long to find a lime green case that from the looks of it, promised to not only protect the joy my mac gave me, but increase it. Then it arrived. Lime green? No way. Sea green? Not even close. Split pea soup green? Totally. And in 2007, well, I hated split pea soup!

For some reason, I kept the case and even came to like it (the soup too). A year later sitting at my computer, which is named traveler, and dreaming of other places, I created a blog - Three years later, I'm actually doing something with it.


The woods in Sitka, Alaska


  1. Good Morning! I'm in, but not sure how this works...never blogged before! Hope you'll give me the tips on it later,. XO

  2. 'Morning Mom! I'll definitely give ya some tips on it later - "later" being the key word as I'm still learning myself. :-)

  3. Hey! You quoted from a book I recommended to you! I'm so proud! :)

  4. HA! The elegant hedgehog... thanks for following my blog!

  5. Thanks Racheli. I appreciate you taking the time to look at it!