Saturday, June 23, 2012

Extended Exposure

Sliding smoothly over the enduring, he considers an extended exposure, of staying in one place for more than a 60th of a second. He imagines putting stakes in the ground, the way one does for a tent to keep it from blowing away. He will tie his wanderer's shoes to a weather balloon and let them drift with the clouds until they land on someone else, no longer his storm. He'll have a kid, he thinks, join Costco, shop for washing machines at Sears, attend t-ball games, go with the flow.

I've been looking at this picture for a couple of weeks wanting to do something with it using the concepts of extended exposure photography. With long exposures, time is used to take your subject further than it appears to see what it can become. For example, this photo was taken with a shutter speed of 30 seconds. Looking through the pictures from that afternoon, I became interested in what it means to be rooted, to remain in one place, one relationship, one job, one house for years, and what it takes for people to stay.

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Location:Brightwood, Oregon


  1. I love time exposure pics of water. Very ethereal.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Constance. Yeah, time exposure is really fun. Now, if I could only improve my framing...