Monday, July 16, 2012

Fish Camp

We left the Homer Spit this morning with a personal escort who broke all speed limits.

The locals told us the Spit police were nasty, but even they don't mess with someone like this, allowing us to make good time to Ninilchik.

The fishing begins tomorrow. Ninilchik is a small fishing village on the Cook Inlet with a population of 883 - not counting eagles. We found our fish camp high on a bluff and quickly settled into some 5 star comfort.

The inside:

Five beds and two people means there is room to stretch. I've claimed at least one top and bottom bunk! Each bed comes with its own towel, a rough piece of sandpaper that has the roll back look of Walmart in better days. Drinking water is now something one buys at the store. The kitchen has been replaced by an enormous utility sink that smells of Lysol today, who knows what by morning.

But we love it. We love it because a porcupine joined us for dinner and a juvenile eagle nesting somewhere below rides the thermals high over the bluff fully delighting us each time she makes an appearance 15 feet from our front porch. We love it because Mt. Redoubt, the king of Alaska's ring of fire, looms large across the Cook Inlet keeping us all in check for one more day. All we can say is how beautiful it all is. Repeatedly.

I've mentioned before the graciousness of Alaskans - both dogs and people alike. We ran into this generosity again today when Sara, a local fisherman, gave us some of her fresh caught halibut to throw on our grill.

Later, we dined on fish and chips Ninilchik style...

aka halibut and Lays potato chips!

This fish camp, despite its inauspicious beginnings, has become one of our Alaska legends, a story and place never to forget. And who knows? Maybe the legend is only beginning - we go king salmon fishing tomorrow. On that note, I should crawl into one of my bunk beds and call it a night. The boat leaves at 5. Ahoy, and good night from Alaska.

Doing the dishes- "Camp clean."

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Location:Ninilchik, Alaska

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