Friday, August 31, 2012

The Return to Presence (Day 1 & 2)

The first two days of the Return to Presence (aka Leave of Absence) have set the tone. On Day 1, instead of attending an inservice at Benson High School, I was fitted for a backpack, the Deuter ACT Lite 40 + 10. A pack yearning to be filled with adventure.

Better than a new tote!

On Day 2, I rafted the Deschutes instead of returning to my little office in the kitchen at Lincoln High School.

My kind of office - a high ceiling, negligible walls, and a floor that lets you jump in!
Hanging on to thanks and gratitude (and a little bit for my life!) at Oaks Springs. Life is good!

Duck season opens tomorrow, every game, every stadium.  


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  1. So HAPPY for you, Lisa!!! XOXO Can you post that moonlite lake picture you took last month of Trout Lake soon, PLEASE?? THANKS XO

  2. Wonderful. A return to presence! Enjoy these days, indeed!

  3. You always do such neat things! Your backpack is indeed full. :)

  4. Thanks Mom, Emily, and Constance! The return to presence has been pretty awesome so far. I hope your fall is just as good.