Friday, November 16, 2012

A Dream Written

"Beginning August 1, 2013, I plan to live in a tent for 5-6 weeks. My goal is to hike the entire Oregon section (some 450 miles) of the Pacific Crest Trail. Sir Edmund Hillary, in his autobiography, wrote, "I have discovered that even the mediocre can have adventures and even the fearful can achieve." I want to see if he's right. What do you think? Interested in joining me for all or part of the trek? If so, get in touch. Let's see if we'd make good hiking partners. I won't take it personally if we don't and wouldn't want you to either. Let's talk."

I posted the above on Facebook today. I wanted to mark it here too - the day I first gave my dream its public legs on which to grow or fracture. 

 Wisdom is the first to sign up. With multiple training hikes under her belt, she's already earned her "trail name"- Trail Wisdom. 

On the other hand, Moesha, my 15 year old, lies down immediately whenever the pack is put on her. She's earned her trail name, too - Couch Potato! Mo's job will be to meet me at the resupply stops with a full supply of dog hugs and kisses.

I may wear out, but I won't rust out! 



  1. Very cool! I love the dreaming of and setting of and planning of and accomplishment of a goal well met. Can't want to read about it!

  2. Wow, what a fantastic goal! I wish you the best. Looking forward to hearing more about your trek!

  3. Thanks Emily & Constance! There's something about giving a goal public ears - gives it a different kind of twist or something. Not to mention extra motivation to get out and do it!