Saturday, December 8, 2012

A View From Vista Ridge

You stand on a ridge looking east above the clouds. A sign, marking something about where you are, is there. But what does a sign know about where you are? 

Your skis lay at your feet. The clouds too. Icy volcanos, powerhouses for hundreds of thousands of years, lay dormant in the distance. You think how you, too, have become dormant. 

A wind blows across the ridge, intrudes on your thoughts. Your skis rustle on the ice next to you. You look out, toward Mt Jefferson, think how easy it was to shift into something else. The molten rock that once ran so hot beneath your feet, now cooled.

 Cooled, but not defunct. 

You step into your skis, point them downhill into the clouds.  

A dormant dream erupts once more.



  1. GEEZ... Did Jay EVER look like that?!! I sure hope NOT...when I think of your little young feet up there in last year's used skis! It is breathtaking!

  2. Wow, what an awesome experience, skiing into the clouds. Just standing above them has to get the creative juices flowing. Very nice mini essay. :)

  3. Hey Mom, I don't recall Jay looking like that. I don't think it had enough elevation to ever get above the clouds!

  4. Hi Constance, it was an awesome moment. So beautiful. Thanks for the kind comment. :)