Friday, June 28, 2013

The Heartland Beats On

In Minnesota, a woman asked where we were headed as she wrapped our sandwiches in butcher paper. "Oregon," we replied. "We live there." She then asked if she could come too, said she would lay quietly on the roof. Later in Sioux Falls, we asked what there was to see as we checked into our room. "Nothing really," said the woman at the front desk. "There's nothing here to see. Maybe the falls at sunset." Meanwhile, the same winds that blew us east across the prairie in March dared us to travel against them today. Meanwhile, a mother deer ran out from the grass in front of us. I remembered yesterday and hit the brakes. A long-legged fawn soon followed. Meanwhile, the Amish raised a barn in Wisconsin as we whizzed past. Life goes on, doesn't it? A mile a minute if you let it.

"There's nothing here to see," said the woman at the front desk, but still, after 9 hours in the car, we went out looking. Wouldn't you?

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  1. Looks a little like a place up in VT where we used to swim at many years ago, even BEFORE you were born! Can't recall the road it was near, but it was where all the "hippies" went to swim in the nude! LOL! (no, your mom and dad did NOT swim in the nude there! LOL) We have a picture of a swim hole close to it years later with me holding you as an infant, and our beloved dog, Judd. It was your first camping trip!! You seemed to like it, even then, too!
    Love, Mom XO

  2. "There's nothing to see" is code for there's a quiet wonder to the place, but nothing overt and spectacular. Sometimes the little things are more wondrous than mountains...

  3. Beautifully put, Constance, and after a thousand miles or so through the plains and dairy country of America, I'd say you're right on.