Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dowsing For Water

Rainstorms in the desert- I've seen two. One with lightning striking the tall cactus trees; the other with fog wrapping its thick arms around the prickly contours of the land. The sand turns a reddish brown as it washes along the desert floor. Cactuses gleam green and drip with the promise of life. The air is filled with a fragrance of earth and dust and all that we came from. Somewhere a pocket mouse lifts its mouth to the sky for a long deserving drink, and I try to appreciate whatever invisible dowsing rod it is that's led me twice to water in the deep, dry deserts of Arizona.


  1. I still think it looks a little like a fish tank that needs cleaning! LOL! AMAZING

  2. Somehow I just deleted my comment from weeks ago, Mom! So weird. Anyway, thanks for looking...