Sunday, February 2, 2014

Meet Big Papi

We've had stray cats on vacation, even a stray dog or two, but a stray pufferfish was certainly a first. He showed up around dinner time on our first night and hung out by our swim ladder staring at us with his big, soft eyes. When he drooped them for added effect, we knew we were in for it. And judging from his size, we weren't the first. Soon, we were carrying him bread home from breakfast and dinner and calling him Big Papi after the Red Sox slugger.

Meet Big Papi.

Big Papi was never far from a meal. He showed up for breakfast and dinner on his own, but we could also lure him over for lunch by tossing bread into the water. With eyes on the side of his head, he couldn't always find the bread when it was right in front of him. He would make this funny glub glub slurping noise as he aimed with mouth wide open.

Sometimes he nailed it.

And sometimes he didn't.

Just like the Red Sox slugger.

Later at breakfast (ours, not Big Papi's), we met a fellow whose son-in-law pitches for the Red Sox. He won the championship with them last year. We told him about the Big Papi of French Polynesia and talked a little sports, the common language of travelers. Turns out they were Oregon Duck fans too!

On that note, it's nearly time for the Super Bowl. Go Hawks! We'll be watching from Bora Bora on the Australian feed. Somehow, I don't think the commercials will be as good!

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  1. Mother Earth seems to always give you special gifts!! You must be very special, too!! XOXO Love you, Mom.. I like this fish...better than the sharks. XO

  2. I don't think it's about specialness, Mom. Maybe just paying attention? What do you think?