Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snowmobiling and 3 Haikus

A landscape blended-
Rainbow clouds and snowmen trees,
Strangers become friends 

Black river golden,
Ducks upside down search below
for food and drowned dreams. 

Draped in winter's cloak,
the faithful but forgotten
dream of spring again.


  1. Haikus?? What's that?
    The ducks were cute and the truck looked...SUNK!! LOL!! Gorgeous pics, as usual. The snow is very impressive.
    Have FUN, stay WARM, especially your frost-bit toes!!
    Love, Mom XOXO

    1. To put is simply haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that typically deals with nature and follows a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. However, that is only the beginning! You should google haiku and then try some for yourself. They're a fun challenge and somewhat addicting!

  2. Love the pics and the haikus!! But the ducks and their drowned dreams is a bit of a downer. I prefer the forgotten below the snow waiting for spring. At least they have hope! All beautiful, though.

    1. HA! I thought it was a bit of a downer too, which is why I went for a more hopeful tone with the final haiku. Interesting though- when I wrote it, I didn't think of the drowned dreams being the ducks'.

  3. What beautiful photos! So much snow. I always laugh at groundhog day saying whether or not we have 6 more weeks of winter as we always have at least 6 more weeks! Here to hoping though!

    1. That's funny, Shy! I think it's true for West Yellowstone too. Meanwhile, at home in Oregon, it's supposed to reach the mid 60s next week. Maybe we need more groundhogs stationed around the continent. ;-) Thanks for stopping by my blog.